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What Links Peacebuilding to Job Opportunities?

What Links Peacebuilding to Job Opportunities?
Job opportunities may be one of the leading bridges to attaining social stability in Lebanon. The dynamics of conflict in this country depend on multiple factors; one of which is the lack of economic opportunities.

In order to contribute to social stability in the region and encourage socio-economic initiatives, the UNDP Lebanon in partnership with ILO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Affairs and with the funds of Peace Building Support Office (PBSO), has been working since March 2018 on a joint program with municipalities and local actors to integrate job creation as a wheel of positive change on all levels, mainly social stability.

The joint program aims to do so by developing the capacities and skills of Lebanese and Syrian local actors in order to mitigate tensions and deal with socio-economic causes of conflicts.

This program is taking advantage of the existing infrastructures for peace, already established by UNDP Lebanon a few years ago.

The socio-economic committees, established in Riyaq, Bar Elias and Al-Qaa villages in the Bekaa, were formed of Lebanese and Syrian local actors in communities suffering from social and economic challenges that impact social stability in their areas.