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Technical Skills and Life Skills Training for Unemployed Youth in the Bekaa

Technical Skills and Life Skills Training for Unemployed Youth in the Bekaa
In collaboration with the Economic and Cultural Committee of Saadnayel, the Bisan Society, Nabad for Development NGO, and civil society activists, UNESCO’s NETMED Youth project* organized a four-day workshops targeting more than 50 youth, most of them unemployed or with limited employment opportunities, in order to improve their job hunting skills.

The Workshop took place in Zahle on the 13-14 of July 2017 and 19-20 of July 2017.

Young men and women from the areas of Zahle, Saadnayel , Ksara, Talbaya and Qab Elias took part in this event. Most of them are volunteers in youth-related associations such as the Association of Youth Saadnayel and Al Jarrah Scouts- and Scouts Zahleh or students from secondary schools or technical vocational universities.

The main objectives of the workshops is to raise awareness regarding their rights to work and their duties towards the companies as well as help them find job opportunities, especially in the Bekaa region, where the unemployment rate is high and the challenges are many, including political, economic and social.

Mr. Salim Shehadeh, Programme Specialist on Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) at UNESCO Beirut office, stressed the importance that UNESCO places on youth empowerment; ‘For UNESCO, the support of young women and young people is a global priority, with the goal of ensuring their empowerment and enhancing their active contributions to society. The youth generation is the primary stakeholder in all aspects of development and they are strong agents for positive change that is essential to advancing the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and SDGs’.

‘In this framework, Shehadeh added, ‘we worked on this project in partnership with various local partners and NGOs here in the Bekaa region, to organize workshops targeting disadvantaged and unemployed young men and women in the region to increase their awareness and help them find decent jobs and introduce them to their labor rights and rights of work and duties towards the company.’

The workshops focused particularly on life skills training, CV-writing and interview skills, vocational guidance, as well as raising awareness on the Lebanese Labor Law. Ms. Mourjana Arafat, the coordinator of Economic and Cultural Committee of Saadnayel, indicated that ‘this training workshop is very important for young people in our area, especially that many youth are facing difficulties in getting a job here. It gives them the necessary confidence and skills to be able to communicate more effectively with employees, as well as gain access to new work opportunities.’

The workshop immediately yielded promising results. Several participants were more encouraged and confident to apply for jobs. Nine of the participants applied either for trainings or for work projects at the Danish Council. The majority of participants will also be part of a project to support people with special needs with the local Youth Unit Association.

*UNESCO’s NETMED Project is a three-year (2014-2017) European Union funded project whose aim is to provide young women and men with the necessary skills, tools and capacities to be active citizens and take part in decision-making. For more information on this project, please visit the following link: