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Deir Aammar Technical Institute Improves Education Quality for Students

Deir Aammar Technical Institute Improves Education Quality for Students
The students of the Deir Aammar Public Technical Institute can now learn and apply design and engineering skills on the most up-to-date software.

“We can now practice what we learn using the latest software. We used to work on the older version of AUTOCAD and we couldn’t download the newer versions. All of our equipment was outdated, and our computers didn’t have adequate capacities; this made completing our schoolwork very difficult”, said one of the students at the institute.

“You helped us continue the path we have taken”, she added.

Since the onset of the Syria crisis, the influx of displaced Syrians to the village has led to an increase in population which resulted in the protraction of underlying problems, such as insufficient delivery of basic services, including education.

Through funds from the UK and within the Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme, which is jointly implemented between UNDP and the Ministry of Social Affairs, two computer labs were fully equipped with 45 computer sets, two LCD projectors, two screens, a photocopier, tables and chairs. The institute was also provided with up-to-date topography equipment.

The provision of equipment facilitates the students’ schoolwork, allows instructors to offer better trainings, and contributes within a larger framework to achieving UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely, achieving inclusive and quality education.

“Most engineers owe part of their skills to the equipment they use. If you’re an engineer in the job market without access to proper equipment, you will not be able to work”, said an instructor at the institute.

He added that the equipment made a huge difference in The Deir Aammar Institute for both students and teachers. 

Learn more about this project in this video