UNIC Beirut and partners artistically depict SDGs in rural Lebanese village

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17 July 2019
The UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut teamed up with the Municipality of Baakline, an ancient rural village in eastern Beirut, and the Association of World of Art and Heritage and launched an art exhibition entitled “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): from Contemporary Art’s Perspective.”
UNIC Beirut and partners artistically depict SDGs in rural Lebanese village
The exhibition, held under the patronage of Lebanese Minister of Culture Mohamed Daoud, is a culmination of an art competition launched in June by the organizers, which consisted of a call for creative contemporary artworks that highlight four major UN priorities covered by the SDGs, namely women, youth, peace & security, and climate change. 

Around 110 professional and veteran artists took part in the competition and attended the award ceremony along with representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), government officials, social activists and UN staff.

A jury panel composed of professional artists along with UNIC Beirut director, reviewed around 110 paintings and selected judiciously 12 winners, three per each category, divided between men and women. 

Representing the minister at the opening, Ahmad Nazzal said: “Those pioneering artworks convey vital messages of international peace and security, the role that women play in different fronts of life, and the role of young people in spearheading creative initiatives in many areas.” “Art is a goal through which we fight for our unity and civil peace and preserve our culture and plan for a brighter future. It is the common language that brings us together under one roof,” he added.

For her part, president of the Association of World of Art and Heritage Randa Taqieddine highlighted the fruitful collaboration with UNIC Beirut in organizing the exhibition and in giving it an innovative approach to sustainable development. 

The event featured the distribution of certificates of appreciation to all participating artists and honorary shields to the twelve winners. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception.  

The exhibition, which is also held in collaboration with the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon, the Lebanese Artists Association for Painters and Sculptors, and Baakline Art Gallery, will run daily until 20 August 2019. Watch a wrap-up video of this event here.