Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator


The Resident Coordinator, who is also the Humanitarian Coordinator in times of crisis, is supported in his work by the Office of the Resident Coordinator (RCO).

The RC seeks to maintain and sustain effective dialogue and interaction within the UN system and with multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental organizations active in building national development. The RC also develops, in close cooperation with the Government of Lebanon, a coherent frame of reference for cooperation and assistance with the main aim of delivering palpable and solid results of the corresponding plan of action on a national, progressive, humanitarian, and political level.

Philippe Lazzarini
Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator
Nayla Hajjar
Special Assistant to the Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator
RCO Contact Details
Tel: +961 (70) 119 028
Hanna Schmitt
Head of the Resident Coordinator's Office
Katrine Hoeyer
Senior Coordination Officer
Jon Hedenstrom
Senior Planning and Coordination Advisor
Alex Shoebridge
Strategic Planning Specialist
Hagop Kouyoumdjian
Coordination Officer
Christian De Clercq
Senior Economic Advisor
Rony Gedeon
Planning and Cooridnation Specialist
Farah Ballout
Coordination Associate
Kristine Najjar
SDG Mainstreaming Support Officer
OCHA Contact Details
Nathalie Fustier
Head of Office
Typhaine Gendron
Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Pauline Maisonneuve
Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Anne France White
Humanitarian Affairs Officer
Manal Sarrouf
Communication Officer
Wali Ahadi
Information Management Officer
Bernard Chedid
National Information Management Officer
Said Abou Kharroub
National Information Management Officer
Rawad El Zir
Pooled Fund Manager
Abdo Sadaka
Finance Assistant
Yendi Ghossein
Programme Associate
Rana Karam
Administrative & Finance Assistant
Desiree Abi Hachem
Programme Clerk & Executive Assistant
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