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Women Empowerment training - Startup your own business

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08 August 2017
Women Empowerment training - Startup your own business
As part of their partnership since 2011 UNDP and SENTEURS D’ORIENT in collaboration with the STARTLINE foundation launched a program to empower women across Lebanon. The program targets from each region, 20-25 women with no formal education and supports them in discovering other solutions to overcome poverty and startup their own business. The plan is carried out with the collaboration of municipalities, grassroots organizations, important local figures and UN agencies.

The launching took place in the Bekaa during the month of June and it lasted for 3 consecutive days before moving on to other regions; Beirut, the North then South and later Mount Lebanon. The plan is divided into 4 stages, starting with an introductory capacity building workshop for 3 days preparing for the later stages in establishing small businesses. Stage 2 orients women in starting their business plan with the help of a consultant and later on in stage 3 the plans are assessed to pick the most appropriate project in each district.

The final stage assists the evaluated projects to find the appropriate investors to fund those plans using a platform matching the ideas presented with investors interested in the related fields. The aim of the project is to empower women by assisting them to develop entrepreneurial skills enabling them to start their own business through coaching and guidance.