UNIC-Led “UN Aware” Initiative Goes National

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21 November 2018
UNIC-Led “UN Aware” Initiative Goes National
The UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut achieved a breakthrough in November following the Lebanese Ministry of Education’s adoption of the “UN Aware” educational initiative and mainstreaming it in all schools of Lebanon. This step paved the way for the UN and its local partners to reach out to all the high-school-age youth of Lebanon to maximize their awareness about the UN and their engagement in its activities.

The “UN Aware” initiative, first launched in 2016 by UNIC Beirut in collaboration with the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO (LNCU), and the World Youth Alliance of the Middle East (WYAME), aims at educating high-school students on the work and priorities of the UN, through lectures, field activities and fundraising campaigns.

Yarak’s announcement was made during a ceremony held on Monday 19 November, at UNESCO premises, to distribute “UN Aware-Phase II” Certificates to eligible Lebanese Public Schools that participated in this pioneering initiative.

The ceremony was attended by around 60 students and principals of eight public schools in different regions in Lebanon, in addition to UNIC and UNESCO staff and featured opening statements by UNESCO Regional Director Hamed Al Hammami, given out by Communication Officer Jana Jabbour, LNCU Secretary-General Tala Zein, and WYAME Regional Director Mary-Joe Alavalas.

In his statement, Al Hammami praised the pioneering role played by UNIC Beirut in conceptualizing and launching this initiative and ensuring its success in cooperation with its partners. He also hailed the remarkable response received from public schools in Lebanon and their keenness to abide by the conditions laid down to merit the certificate of completion.

Other partners said the initiative falls within the combined efforts to promote a culture of peace, and prompts students to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. WYAME gave a presentation on the diverse activities accomplished by the participating schools to earn the ‘UN Aware’ certificate.