UNIC Beirut teams up with JCI to clean Lebanon

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20 September 2018
UNIC Beirut teams up with JCI to clean Lebanon
The long-drawn-out garbage crisis has been grappling Lebanon from its North to its South, but on September 15, thousands of people united to clean up the country's streets, mountains, and beaches in response to a call by Junior Chamber International (JCI) NGO and the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut, as well as other NGOs who joined hands to mark World Clean Up Day.

JCI, in collaboration with UNIC Beirut, organized cleanup campaigns in at least 30 different locations in Lebanon that were part of a global campaign targeting 156 countries and gathering over 380 million volunteers to clean up the world in one single day.

Around 3,500 volunteers showed up in multiple areas in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and north and south Lebanon to collect and organize waste from public beaches, highways and mountainous areas. In Raoucheh, Beirut an underwater cleanup took place.

Under the scorching sun, volunteers began working tirelessly, picking up and sorting out plastic, glass, cigarettes and non-recyclables. They came from different backgrounds; the majority of them were Lebanese; however, there were others from different nationalities.

One volunteer, expressed her personal satisfaction, saying: “I’m very proud to be part of this global initiative, and I’m grateful that the Lebanese people are willing to be part of it, removing all their differences for once and coming together to help make their country better.”

Aline Chirinian, president of JCI Beirut and country leader of World Cleanup Day Lebanon, said: “In Lebanon, it’s not that we lack the infrastructure or facilities, it’s that we lack awareness. People think that the government should miraculously do everything. Of course, things should be facilitated for the citizens, but the citizens also need to do some research. They need to be aware of how much garbage they are generating from something as simple as a meal.”

JCI transported the bags of waste with trucks and delivered them to the nearest recycling partners according to each area.

Almost all local, regional and international media outlets covered the event and showed interest in this initiative.