UNIC Beirut supports “Changemaker Festival” Lebanon to empower youth

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13 September 2018
UNIC Beirut supports “Changemaker Festival” Lebanon to empower youth
The “Changemaker Festival”, which aims at bridging the gap between youth and the education sector on the one hand, and entrepreneurship and its impact on them on the other, convened for the first time in Lebanon on 8-9 September under the patronage of Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and in collaboration with the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut.

Organized with the support of key private sector firms in Lebanon, the Festival brought together more than 3,000 young men and women, 200 decision-makers and 50 leading companies to create large-scale partnerships that stimulate action and progress towards a more sustainable society. It also witnessed broad media coverage by local, regional and international media contacted by the Centre to cover the event.

As part of the festival, UNIC Beirut supported the organization of the final round of Hult Prize Foundation’s national competition that was launched beginning of 2017 academic year. The winning team for the project “Energy Saving Mode On”, a start-up company that creates heating blankets for refugees in camps, received a check of $USD250K. They will also be participating in the international 2018 Hult Prize Challenge, which will be held at the UN Headquarters and whose winner will receive a $1 million prize.

Cynthia Khoury, Public Information Officer of UNIC Beirut carried out several interviews with media outlets present at the Festival during which she emphasized the crucial role the youth play in achieving the SDGs being the agents of change. Khoury reiterated the need to invest in youth skills to build strong and resilient societies. She said that UNIC Beirut works with several parties on the ground and on several fronts to empower youth and encourage them to engage in civic affairs and business.

Also, in collaboration with UNIC Beirut, Change Maker Festival launched a Social Media Photography Competition on the SDGs. The Centre had chosen SDGs 1,4, 5, 7 and 13 around which the photos should revolve. The winner was announced at the festival and won a check of $USD5K for a photo depicting SDG7. Cynthia Khoury was member of the jury that selected the winner.