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UNIC Beirut marks International Women’s Day with leading civil society organizations

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15 March 2018
UNIC Beirut marks International Women’s Day with leading civil society organizations
On the occasion of the International Women's Day, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut joined “3a Stouh Beirut” Association and Assabil NGO in marking the Day through art, dialogue, and a social media campaign.

“3a Stouh Beirut Association”, in collaboration with UNIC Beirut, launched the song “Idi bi Idik” or “My hand in yours”, which addresses women empowerment and urges women to stand up for their rights with no delay. The song was broadcast on all local Radio and TV stations and shared widely on social media. Acting Director of UNIC Beirut Margo Helou said that the International Day was an occasion for the international community and its partners to call on everyone to empower women to build healthy and sustainable societies. “Women in Lebanon have overcome difficult stages and have established their roles in the social, economic and political fields,” she said, adding however that “their participation is still minimal compared to men.” She further said that launching the song at this time is consistent with the theme of the Day this year, hence the goal of the song is to raise the voice in Lebanon, to demand equal rights and justice for women, so that they may in turn contribute to breaking stereotypes.

Lebanese NGO Assabil held a panel discussion entitled “When a woman speaks: readings in 70 current books from Lebanon and 100 folk tales,” as part of its partnership with UNIC Beirut. The discussion revolved around women’s portrayal in traditional stories and their roles in shaping society. UN Women Programme Coordinator Jumanah Zabaneh spoke at the event, highlighting two recent studies on the concept of “manhood” and on gender equality in Lebanon. The studies recommended, among others, re-visiting gender roles in educational curricula, children’s tales and local community games to reflect fairness and gender equality.

Furthermore, UNIC Beirut prepared, as every year, an inter-agency media package for IWD 2018 that was shared with all members of the UN Communication Group in Lebanon. The package contained background information on the Day, 25 key messages and social media content (24 suggested Tweets and FB posts) that were promoted on all agencies’ social media platforms.