UNIC Beirut issues SDG-themed 2018 Calendar, drawing on UN Volunteering resources

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22 January 2018
UNIC Beirut issues SDG-themed 2018 Calendar, drawing on UN Volunteering resources
Drawing on UN-wide collaboration efforts, UNIC Beirut took a leading initiative in making use of the UN’s wide network of resources, particularly the UN Volunteers system, to conduct an activity advocating UN values, campaigns and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Using the latest UN Online Volunteering platform, the Centre was prompt in procuring the services of a volunteer graphic designer to produce a 28-page Calendar for 2018, highlighting UN values and priorities, key UNIC Beirut successes, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. A Spanish Master’s student in Italy, Paula Soler Mañó collaborated with the team in Beirut in a true-to-form UN initiative: people from across the globe transcended borders to work together for advocating values for a better world!

The Calendar highlights key values, agendas and goals of the United Nations, major milestones in the work of UNIC Beirut in service of those goals, and UN special days. It is an amalgam of what the UN is: old but youthful, solid yet vibrant, and a true reflection of the world we live in: despite adversity, hopeful and determined. All this was captured by Paula’s youthful and vibrant design, which also stayed loyal to the spirit of the 2030 Agenda and to representing the UN’s work on the ground.

UNIC Beirut Acting Director, Margo El Helou said that working with volunteers is “a valuable opportunity to infuse the work of the UN with passion, youthful spirit and an out-of-the-box perspective.” She commended Paula on her professionalism, creativity and positive attitude.

This is UNIC Beirut’s first collaboration with UNV, and the team was extremely happy with the experience. Online volunteering allowed the Centre to address sustainable development challenges – through work on advocacy, art and design.

Commenting on her volunteering experience, Paula said: “It was a great collaboration experience; the project was motivating, and the contact person was very nice,” adding that what she appreciated most was the “freedom of creation and constant support.” It was also an important learning opportunity in which she had to “understand different cultural nuances,” while designing the product.