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UNIC Beirut celebrates World Radio Day with leading Lebanese Radio Stations

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20 February 2018
UNIC Beirut celebrates World Radio Day with leading Lebanese Radio Stations
On 13 February 2018, the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut celebrated World Radio Day with three leading radio stations in Lebanon: Radio One, Voice of Lebanon, and Radio Delta.

Radio One dedicated its morning show to the Day. UNIC Beirut provided reference material for broadcast and the show’s anchor started with a brief historical background.

Radio Voice of Lebanon commemorated the special day throughout their daily transmission by airing promotions and historical background about the radio and its significance in people’s lives. Radio Delta, for its part, dedicated its morning show to this Day, explaining how the day came to be commemorated and its significance.

Both radios hosted staff members from UNIC Beirut, namely Ms. Cynthia Khoury, Public Information Officer; and Ms. Rasha Salman, National Information Officer. Khoury and Salman spoke about the importance of radio in shaping the collective consciousness and memory of societies, its importance during times of war and distress in saving lives and in linking people with needs to providers. They also mentioned how Radio retains its inclusive characteristic, for while the Internet and TV require focus and literacy, the radio can be a medium for even illiterate people, or those who live in rural areas or have mobility restrictions to voice their opinions.

Highlighting the theme for this year, Sports, UNIC Staff explained the importance of covering traditional sports and maintaining gender balance in sports reporting. Show anchors received interactions from prominent sports figures in the Lebanese community, and received calls from the public. They concluded by highlighting UNIC’s various initiatives with Lebanese civil society on fostering a culture of peace through sports, through activities like Marathon Beirut, Bike Tripoli, and the Family Fun Festival.