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Under "Together" Campaign: UNIC Beirut and OHCHR screen "The Crossing" Movie at local school

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13 June 2017
Under "Together" Campaign: UNIC Beirut and OHCHR screen "The Crossing" Movie at local school
In line with the global campaign launched by the Secretary General in September 2016 to promote respect, safety and dignity for refugees and migrants, UNIC Beirut, in collaboration with OHCHR Middle East Regional Office in Lebanon, screened a movie entitled “The Crossing” at the Wellspring Learning Community in Beirut.

The movie revolves around a journey by a group of Syrians fleeing war and persecution, crossing a sea, two continents and five countries in search for a home to rekindle the greatest thing they have lost, which is hope. They make it to Europe, only to find out the hardest part of their journey still lies ahead.

Prior to the screening, UNIC Beirut’s National Information Officer Rasha Salman introduced the “Together” campaign and the film’s context to an audience of high school students aged 14-16 and their teachers, as well as to the school’s administrative staff.

After the movie UNHCR Media Officer Jessy Chahine received questions from the students and offered insight into the work of OHCHR, the lives and ordeals of refugees and the journeys they have to make from areas of conflict to safety. She explained that what the film showed is but an example of what thousands of displaced people have to endure every day to reach safety and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Students inquired about the human conditions of the displaced people, and whether they get reunited with their families, to which Chahine replied that indeed many of them do, but some unfortunately lose contact with their relatives. The event emphasized to participants that when people come together, it is possible for hope and resilience to overcome adversity.