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UN in Lebanon launches “UN Listens” social media campaign for community engagement

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21 February 2018
UN in Lebanon launches “UN Listens” social media campaign for community engagement
“My community would be better if youth are involved in development,”
“My community would be better if we took care of education and addressed school drop-out,”
“if laws were enforced,”
“if we fought racism and sectarianism,”
“if we implemented water management projects,”
“if women were more educated and had more opportunities,” etc.

These are but a sample of an inspiring plethora of “letters” that the UN in Lebanon has received in the past few days, in response to the first-of-its-kind campaign “UN Listens”, launched by the UN Communications Group in English and Arabic to engage Lebanese people everywhere in improving their communities.

Launched on 5 February 2018 on all UN Lebanon social media platforms and websites, the campaign constitutes an important opportunity for the Lebanese people to interact with the UN in a meaningful and productive way. It targets all citizens in Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora, asking them to share their ideas on how they can make their communities better.

A dedicated website,, in English and Arabic, was created for people to present constructive ideas, suggestions and projects regardless of how big or small they were. The website landing page invites the visitor to send a “letter” to the United Nations, saying how they envision their community could be better. The authors of the best 10 letters will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with UN experts and discuss ways and means of implementation.

Two videos were produced, a long version which was hosted on the UN Lebanon Youtube channel and its Facebook page, and was tweeted regularly; and a short version which was aired on all major national TV stations.

The UNCG, led by UNIC Beirut, promoted the campaign extensively on all UN agencies’ social media platforms and websites and asked all their staff, partners and stakeholders to promote it as well. UNIC Beirut also promoted the campaign among all its partners in Lebanon and the region. Emails were sent to over 3000 contacts including media partners, bloggers/influencers, universities, celebrities, UN colleagues, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Almost all TVs are continuously airing the TV spot daily or mentioning the campaign in their news bulletins, other media outlets, including online news websites and radios have uploaded the campaign’s banner on their websites. The campaign reached thousands of students in around 22 universities in Lebanon and around 12 bloggers and influencers helped boost it.

Only two weeks post-launch, the campaign has received 183 letters so far and is expected to last through March 2018.