Review of the Legislative and Oversight Roles of the Lebanese Parliament towards the achievement of the SDGs (2016-2017)

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10 December 2018
Review of the Legislative and Oversight Roles of the Lebanese Parliament towards the achievement of the SDGs (2016-2017)
On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, a review of the legislative and oversight roles of the Lebanese Parliament towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2017) has been  launched during an event held on Thursday the 6th December 2018 by the General Secretariat of the Lebanese Parliament , the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Parliamentary Body and the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee in cooperation with The United Nations Development Programmme (UNDP) and The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)for the Middle East and North Africa.

The event was sponsored by H.E. the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Nabih Berry, represented by the Coordinator of the SDG Parliamentary Body, Dr. Dina Jamali. In addition, Dr. Michel Moussa, the Head of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee, Ms. Celine Moyroud, Country Director of the UNDP, Ms Roueida El Hage, Regional Representative of the OHCHR for the Middle east and North Africa and Mr. Simon Mouawad, Director General at the Lebanese Parliament, were key speakers of the event. Notable figures such as members of Parliament, Ministers, Ambassadors, Parliamentary Staff Members, International and Civil Society Organizations and Experts were amongst the participants.

Following the national anthem, UNDP’s project manager in Parliament, Ms. Fatima Fakhruddin, stressed that "the most important goals of sustainable development are those related to eradicating poverty and ensuring a decent life for human beings."

“In order to implement its own sustainable development plan, Lebanon has committed to following the path of the global agenda by integrating its objectives into its national plans and at the same time, through the intensification of efforts and the mobilization of resources to the fullest extent.” Said Berri’s representative, Dr. Jamali. She then emphasized that “The decision took by Parliament of establishing a parliamentary body to follow up the implementation of the goals of sustainable development, is a step that will fulfill Lebanon's international commitments towards the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan and the achievement of the economic, social and environmental accomplishments Lebanon needs most, all that by also enacting or amending legislation, and questioning  government accountability". She added: "I must express my pleasure in the cooperation with the Head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Mr. Michel Moussa to launch these reports on the legislative and results of Parliament for the years 2017 and 2016.

Ms. Moyroud stated that: “this gathering speaks to the crucial importance of the implementation and achievement of the agenda 2030 globally and specifically in Lebanon. Since it represents a huge opportunity to put the world on a prosperous and inclusive development path. A number of countries, including Lebanon, are moving towards initial stage of implementations where they are creating SDG plans. This is an important step on a national level and it presents a golden opportunity to place Lebanon on the map of the world”.