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Bike Tripoli 4: “Empowering Women in Decision Making Positions”

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10 May 2017
Bike Tripoli 4: “Empowering Women in Decision Making Positions”
Under the theme “Empowering Women in Decision Making Positions”, the Social Way Association organized on Sunday 7 May “Bike Tripoli 4” in cooperation with UNIC Beirut, Bike Lebanon, Beirut by Bike, and Tripoli and Al-Mina municipalities. The event was also held in partnership with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) at Rashid Karami International Exhibition Centre in Tripoli.

The bike ride witnessed the participation of more than 1500 cyclists, and attracted a large crowd of politicians, social and environmental activists, and media representatives. Lebanese explorer and Ambassador of "Bike Tripoli", Maxime Chaya, also took part in the event, in addition to representatives of UN agencies working in Lebanon, and other diplomatic missions. The event also featured entertainment shows and musical performances throughout the day.

Wafa Khoury, President of Social Way Association, said in her statement that bikes are now considered to be important means of transportation for Lebanese people. She called on Lebanese officials to work on devising safe routes for bikes and securing traffic safety requirements. Khoury announced the launch of a petition requiring signatures of all Lebanese people demanding that Tripoli becomes a model city for bicycles. Commenting on Bike Tripoli’s theme of this year, Khoury said that women have the right to participate in politics because they constitute half of the society and are a fundamental pillar of the country’s development.

Margo Helou, UNIC Beirut Director, said for her part that the UN considers sports as an important enabler of sustainable development, and a main element in establishing peace among parties and peoples through its principles based on respect for others, and promoting tolerance. “We have been organizing Bike Tripoli for three years now with Social Way Association. Our partnership is based on common goals that both the Centre and the Association believe in, including preserving clean environment, encouraging the use of renewable energy and securing traffic safety, among other goals,” she added.

UNIC Beirut’s media support for this event focused, as in previous years, on promoting SDGs 11 and 13 on sustainable cities and communities and climate action respectively.