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“Assabil” librarians gather around the “United Nations and its Priorities”

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05 October 2017
“Assabil” librarians gather around the “United Nations and its Priorities”
On the eve of a new academic year, the United Nations Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut) gathered “Assabil” librarians in a seminar on the United Nations and its priorities. Staff members of UNIC Beirut delivered to participants a detailed presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals, the culture of peace, and the UN Secretary-General’s Together campaign on ensuring respect, safety and dignity for all migrants and refugees. There were vibrant discussions among librarians and UNIC staff characterized by interaction and the exchange of knowledge and expertise. The meeting initiated a programme of joint activities between the two organizations that was announced last month during the launch of a one-year partnership.

UNIC Beirut had prepared a presentation on three UN priorities that included detailed explanations and facts and figures about Lebanon. Librarians will in turn share this information with students and schools, which organize periodic visits to “Assabil” libraries. The aim of this activity is to raise awareness about the United Nations and its priorities in Lebanon and the region among the thousands of students who frequent “Assabil” libraries during the academic year.

The Assabil-UNIC Beirut partnership entails implementing several activities throughout the year such as the aforementioned educational courses on the SDGs, “Together” campaign, and culture of peace for students and schools visiting Assabil libraries, movie screenings and book reviews on UN work and priorities. UNIC Beirut and Assabil will also organize events around UN International Days, including International Women's Day (8 March), World Book and Copyright Day (23 April), and UN Arabic Language Day (18 December), among others.